gowen's interesting tip calculator

My buddy gowen likes to leave tips such that the final value is "interesting", and many people like tipping values that result in even numbers.

You can come to this page and click the link below... or you can create a bookmark with this bookmarklet script (follow the link, and copy and paste the content as the URL of a new bookmark) on whatever web capable mobile device you find convenient!

Click Here to Calculate Tip NOW

NEW: Gowen Made an Android Version! Download it from the Google App Store!

The base tip rate is 20%, give or take 5%. That's the new standard for the Boston area I feel, but it's very easy to modify the script when you create the bookmark.

The script starts with the base rate tip, and tries to find final totals that are the following flavors of "interesting", keeping as close as possible to base rate, and then displaying the results sorted by generosity. Enjoy!

--kirk "kirkjerk at gmail dot com" israel