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Source code: rorschach

Built with Processing and Processing.js

Created by Esteban Hufstedler

Grabbed from and the Internet Archive by Kirk Israel. (Consider running the source code in the Processing IDE for faster performance.)

Original Notes:

To see how this works, hit 'f' to disable the filter. You'll see that the balls are darkest at the center and lightest at the outside. The filter gets rid of everything lighter than the threshold, and turns everything else black.

Various modes of motion: 1-7
Toggle Rorschach mode: r
Cycle through shapes: s
Invert shape: i
Invert colors toggle: b
Random/BW color switch: c
Pause motion: p
Filter toggle: f
Discrete/Continuous: d

Change number of balls: _,+
Change radius: -,=
Change discretization steps: {,}
Adjust threshold: [,]