JP Honk: How to Be Coordinator/Contact for a Gig

[Suggested “Best Practices”]

The main goal is good communication! Be unfailingly positive and enthusiastic when interacting with the organizer Post the event at Gig-O as soon as you can, and ideally at least 2 weeks ahead of the event Important note about Gig-O (to help minimize excess emails for the event going out): Until you know there actually are sufficient musicians committed to coming, tell the organizer that you “will do your best” and “are optimistic we’ll have enough”, but also keep mentioning (to manage their expectations) that it is always possible we won’t have enough players

No later than one week ahead of the date (that is the goal anyway):

Learn from the organizer as much detail as possible about what they want (oftentimes an in-person visit to the venue with them is immensely helpful) Explain as much of this information as possible on Gig-O, updating it as you learn more Setlist: Post on Gig-O at least a few days ahead of the event Let the organizer bring up the topic of payment to the band for its services At the event