James Harvey (email address: please@stopjamesharvey.com) is a comic artist and writer from Stafford, England, known for his work on DC's Doom Patrol, his contribution to the Eisner-winning Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream anthology, and and as editor of the Bartkira project, as well as working with bands such as The Who, M83 and Megadeth. In film and animation he's worked on designs for Netflix's Love, Death And Robots, the Metal Gear Solid movie, and music videos for Run The Jewels and Lindsey Stirling. However, his heart lies in his short fiction like Masterplasty, Mouth Baby, Luigi Mode, and Wandering Soul. If you're considering hiring him, click here to see his portfolio.

Unique in the comics world, James works from a mobile home he bought in early 2002. It used to run on diesel, but he converted it, fitted two antique carriage wheels, and it's been fully horse-drawn since 2005. He says that he and his horse, Oliver, share a deep spiritual bond, and it's easy to see why. Oliver, too, knows what it is like to lose someone who you truly loved. Harvey shot the horse's mother when it was but a foal. They die hard, horses. But not that one. A soft-nosed .357 blew her lungs out.